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Asset owners and asset managers often seek ESG integration by including ESG information in the investment decision process to better assess risks or by engaging with companies inhope to reduce the risk of adverse events occurring in companies invested in, or both.

Once a company in the investment portfolio becomes involved in an adverse event or business conduct, historic information for pre-investment portfolio construction purposes offers limited guidance. When an unforeseen event occurs, portfolio management is challenged to respond and GES acts as the investors’ first response team and can add insights as well as take direct action with the company on behalf of Investors.

GES’ Business Conduct Engagement is event- or exception-driven. Irrespective of pre-investment considerations, surprises will happen with companies invested in. GES’ engagement assesses the incident as it has been identified, researches the potential impacts and underlying causes and if these are material and systematic we engage directly with the company to bring about the necessary governance and other changes.

As an owner advocate, GES focuses on actions achieving durable change and the justification of our clients continued investment in the company. Only in extreme cases, where all other efforts have failed, would GES suggest divestment as a course of action. 

Whatever the reason behind an investment decision, once a company becomes involved in an adverse incident, GES will respond and provide its clients with full details of every interaction and company response.

Asset owners and asset managers, who are already paying external service providers for ESG pre-investment portfolio construction data and analysis, find that GES’ engagement also includes such information in addition to actionable portfolio/investment management information. GES’ engagement can thereby lead to a consolidation of providers and only a small addition to overall external costs.

For more information, please contact:
Charlotte Mansson, Senior Key Account Manager
Martin Pitura, Managing Director, GES Poland, and CFO, GES International
Palle Ellemann, Client Manager Denmark and Product Manager
Patrick Wirth, Managing Director, GES Switzerland


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GES Engagement Day 2015

GES' Engagement Day - the annual conference for active investors and companies, consisted of ESG panel discussions and presentations covering a number of investor-related topics such as climate change, corporate governance, and human rights.