Outsourcing solutions for banks and asset managers

For the banks and asset managers that want to take the ultimate step in ESG integration, GES offers full outsourcing of ESG portfolio analysis and ESG reporting on all funds and client portfolios.

ESG information on the investments of mutual funds is rarely communicated to stakeholders and institutional clients seldom receive such information from the banks and external managers managing investments on their behalf.

To date, banks and asset managers have not routinely offered such reporting to stakeholders/clients due to the size of the commitment to the resources that is required. 

GES has already made these investments as GES provides such information to those clients of banks and asset managers that desire such information but cannot get them elsewhere. GES’ process is highly automated and fully scalable to handle any number of funds/portfolios/clients.

GES outsourcing solutions allows banks and asset managers to demonstrate full ESG integration and transparency at considerably lower costs than building the capabilities in-house and demonstrate a clear leadership versus their peers.

For more information, please contact:
Charlotte Mansson, Senior Key Account Manager
Martin Pitura, Managing Director, GES Poland, and CFO, GES International
Palle Ellemann, Client Manager Denmark and Product Manager
Patrick Wirth, Managing Director, GES Switzerland

More specific information for:
Banks or asset managers seeking to deliver comprehensive reporting on ESG integration on investment funds and investment portfolios to institutional clients and other stakeholders