Banks or asset managers seeking to deliver comprehensive reporting on ESG integration on investment funds and investment portfolios to institutional clients and other stakeholders

Depending on level of ESG integration desired, GES' outsourcing could include most of the services of GES, i.e. fund/portfolio reviews, company specific information (historic and current), actions taken by bank/asset managers and/or service providers, fund/portfolio reporting as well as client specific reporting on discretionary institutional client portfolios.

If GES’ engagement also is integrated into daily operations, the bank or asset managers have the possibility to utilise the most comprehensive ESG Integration available in the financial industry and take a clear lead over competitors that struggle with scarce in-house constraints. 

GES Outsourcing Solutions are offered highly selectively in each country as to enable GES’ outsourcing clients to maximise benefits versus their industry peers. 

For more information, please contact:
Charlotte Mansson, Senior Key Account Manager
Martin Pitura, Managing Director, GES Poland, and CFO, GES International
Palle Ellemann, Client Manager Denmark and Product Manager
Patrick Wirth, Managing Director, GES Switzerland